To A successful wedding

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Here are a few tips to a sucessful Wedding...

·      Never go overboard with the décor to be all theme like.  It should be a blend of the theme décor and a mixture of colors and flowers, shine and cohesiveness so it doesn’t come across like a child’s party

·      A subtle hint everywhere of the theme or color helps keep the eye moving and brings an element of surprise.

·      Make your wedding or event a celebration of the love by giving your guests an extension of you and how you would love to share a personal part of you

·      Ask your coordinator for suggestions, we have many ideas and ways to help you and guide you.

·      Always have a budget

·      Always set aside a emergency fund, there are always going to be surprises in case of rain or little things that always come up

·      Always be considerate of each others wants and needs and what is important to your  fianceé

·      Always have a game plan for your coordinator as we will help you focus and narrow down the most important things

·      Always have a top 10 list for the bride and groom of their most important things that they would want for the wedding to compare and comprise with each other so it is for both of you reflecting your styles as one

·      And always remember that this is one of the most special days you will have and remember, so don’t sweat the little things…let your wedding planner handle everything as that is what we do

Anything is possible with love, compromise, and understanding.  With all this you will truly have a beautiful wedding and experience for you and all your guests.